Hi. My name is Terry and I would like to give you a short background as to where I am now. After a life of extremely hard labour I have suffered both a hernia and severe back problem which has resulted in two operations. I am now still left with two slipped discs and a trapped nerve.
This has resulted in me being no longer able to stand or walk for long periods of time. I have had to give up my full time employment, a job I enjoyed and took pride in. I have spent a lot of time on my back staring at the ceiling. The time spent having to lie down has resulted in the new product I have designed from my imagination and appreciation of nature and the forces of what pleasure our little feathered friends can bring to us.
My mantra now is to work smart and not so hard as to “break your back”. To express myself artistically has always been a life time dream and I consider it a blessing.

After online research I have arrived at bird tables and brackets which have been individually handcrafted. This makes each and every one unique. Although the pictures may not give them full justice [I am not a photographer] they sparkle in the sunshine and look truly magical.
The absolute determination to succeed and work through the myriad of problems has been the fuel that has given form to what is phoenix and craft. Born out of the ashes of defeat.